Assessment Post 1 – Creative critical process

It took me a while to get into the swing of things with the website and it took me over a week to complete it. I didn’t look at any websites for programmes like The One Show which you may think is foolish but I didn’t want to consciously or subconsciously design my website like any other.

It took me a total of 8 days to complete my Wix website. By day 4 I thought I had finished but the links to the videos weren’t working and that is when I found out that Wix does not support Vimeo…which is very annoying. I had to download the videos from someone’s Vimeo and upload them to my YouTube account. This process in total took about 4 hours.

Home Page:

Throughout the entire website I’ve stuck to the same colour scheme of red, white/cream, black and grey. It was better to keep that level of continuity throughout so the audience could instantly recognise that it was Spontaneity Net TV by just looking at the colours. The photos I chose for the home page where:



I chose this photo for ‘The Show’ part of the website because it was a photo that was taken during the live recordings and it gave you a tiny peak at what you could expect.







I chose this photo for the ‘Cast and Crew’ part of the website simply because it showed the team as a whole.






I chose this photo because it shows you a part of what happens behind the scenes, it doesn’t give too much away.













All the photos on the home page are linked to the corresponding pages. The YouTube and Twitter links are also on the front page to entice the audience member to follow us and subscribe to our channel. The e-mail is there so the audience can contact us without having to go onto the contact page. My wordpress URL is there just for some more information about the process we went through because I blogged about each meeting and practise we had.



The Show:

This had a similar picture to the one I used on the Home page, this was so the audience could recognise that they were on the right page and for continuity reasons without using the same image again.

I wanted to keep this page short and sweet so all I did was write a short paragraph about the programme, this week’s show and next week’s show and then I embedded the link of the programme.










Cast and Crew:

I decided to keep this all on 1 page because it saves the viewer switching from page to page just to look at the crew members. I did originally have it on two separate pages but there wasn’t enough content for it to be on two pages. For the two presenters I used these two pictures and decided to edit them so it would look like a head shot:

I did this using PhotoShop CS4 on my laptop. I cropped the image, changed it into a black and white image, changed the brightness/contrast slightly and added a boarder. I did exactly the same for

the photo of Daley and I was going to use both of the edited images right up until day

6 of creating my website. I looked at the images

and thought ‘nope, too childish’ and decided to keep the image and the name the same but to get rid of the boarder and try to match the red back ground with red at the bottom of the image. With the crew slideshow I made it like that because it was the easiest way to fit everyone on one page. If you hover your mouse over the slideshow it will tell you the name of

the person you’re looking at and their role in the crew. This is how the Cast and Crew page turned out:


Extras: Again, having the YouTube channel and Twitter link at the bottom so the views can follow us and subscribe to our channel.

photo gallery: There’s not text with the photos because the photos speak for themselves but you can hover your mouse over the images and it will tell you a bit more about it.

Videos: I decided to put all the VTs in one place because it is easier for the viewer to look at what VTs there are for the weeks programme and the longer videos, like the behind the scenes and outtakes, I’ve put on a different page called ‘Extra Videos’.







Contact us: Same colour scheme, as it is throughout. The e-mail is a

 real address that I made. It took me a while to come up with that e-mail address because for some reason I wasn’t allowed to use them, which was slightly annoying. I used the photo of all of us because I wanted it to look like if an audience member did contact us then they are contacting a member of the team and not just a random person sat at a desk.











Overall I am very pleased with how my website turned out, all the annoyance and difficulties I had were worth the outcome.


Quick update!

This update will only be quite short, not much opinion from me because its late and I’ve only realised the time.


1) The EU President has told the President of Ukraine, Victor Yanukovych, to stay away from a joint meeting next week. Why has he told him to stay away?! Because of the wrongly imprisoned opposition leader Yulia Tymoshenko.

“Herman Van Rumpoy, the European Council President is quoted as saying “When the Prime Minister of Ukraine announced he would come to Brussels, we said “Stay home!” It is a clear message from our side that they have to change inside Ukraine. Ukraine was a model democracy in 2004 and it has to become that once again.

The way Ukraine is dealing with the former Prime Minister, Yulia Tymoshenko, is just unacceptable. We have said this very, very clearly to President Yanukovych.” –

2) Also, leading EU officials have openly said that they WILL be boycotting ALL the football matches that are being played in Ukraine.



3) Tymoshenko has urged the FATF (Financial Action Task Force on money Laundering) to investigate corrupt and money laundering transactions by the Viktor Yanukovych regime.


4) Tymoshenko is now being treated by German doctors and ends her hunger strike

why German doctors?! Well, she refused to be treated by Ukrainian doctors because she feared for her life. And rightly so! In Yanukovych’s Ukraine I wouldn’t trust a doctor to take my temperature. They could slip and accidentally slice my face off.


5) Ukraine fights Euro 2012 boycott

“Ukrainian opposition leaders have urged Europe’s leaders to boycott Ukraine’s authorities rather than the football contest.”

I really hope Yanukovych looks like an absolute lonely f***** sitting in the VIP box by himself. That would make my summer. And yes, the picture of Yanukovych sitting by himself will be my background for my laptop, iPod, iPad, Mac etc etc.


I’m rambling now. Late night blogging is not really a good idea. I’m getting really weird, even for me. More news about Ukraine to come within the next few days so keep your eyes on this blog!


Today was our live recording day. We were given a two hour slot in which we were supposed to set up, record and pack away. Today was always going to be interesting because us ‘regulars’ wanted to see who turned up. EVERYONE turned up! There’s a first for everything I guess. One person hadn’t turned up since the second week so that person didn’t have an official role but our producer found this person something to do. Setting up wasn’t a problem, the people in the studio had it under control. To help calm everyone’s nerves we bought sweets for the crew…you may think ‘how unprofessional’ but we didn’t eat them during takes and it really did help calm those nerves.

The recording: Everyone was nervous and you could tell. But today there wasn’t any time to be nervous or make any mistakes. We were able to get 3 recordings done and all the recordings went well. The only thing that was bad was at the beginning when the presenters’ names came into the shot the sign with Jaypee’s name on it either wasn’t in shot properly or wasn’t in the shot for long enough. The only other thing that could’ve be changed was when one of the presenters kept getting the guest’s name wrong. It was humorous at first but doing it so many times it just got a bit old. The presenters worked really well with each other and the on-air chemistry between them was hilarious. The guest was well prepared and the presenters worked well to bounce off the guest and his opinions and fill short spaces where they were possibly a bit fast.

SWOT analysis of the recording:

Strengths: Got to hand it to the presenters, they did a brilliant job. They stumbled over a few words but nothing went wrong. The crew in the studio and the gallery were on the ball.

Weaknesses: In one of the shots, when the guest came onto the set, you could see the microphone on the bottom middle of the screen. Daley getting the guest’s name wrong, although it was for comedic value it didn’t add any comedic value to the show.

Opportunities: Maybe a few more different and adventurous camera angles…We’ll known that for next time.

Threats: Its no secret that our group has its fair share of problems (people not turning up, arguements/disagreements etc) so I think one of the biggest threats we had on the day was: 1) to see if everyone turned up (which they did, I was actually quite surprised at that) and 2) if an argument broke out. Everyone pulled together and there were no arguments, everyone just got on with their job.

Great teamwork. Great show.

Should Euro 2012 be boycotted?

Before I start writing this post I’ll tell you a bit about why I’ve started this category and why I’ve waited until now to start it! My grandparents are Ukrainian and I’ve been brought up as Ukrainian, until I was around 5 years old I could only speak Ukrainian because that was the only language my parents spoke to me. My parents were born in England and so was I so that makes me 3rd generation Ukrainian. I still try to speak Ukrainian (as best I can) and I’m part of the Ukrainian Youth Association. So, why did I choose to start this category? Well, I’ve been meaning to start it for a fair few months now, the first time I starting thinking about it was probably when Tymoshenko was arrested but unfortunately due to University work I’ve not been able to. Now that my first year at university is drawing to a close I have more time to write this blog.

Today’s blog post is all about Euro 2012 and if minister from different countries should boycott the part of the competition that will be held in Ukraine. In recent days there have been a few political people who have said they are considering boycotting the matches in Ukraine. Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor, is one of those people as well as the Austrian government.

Political situation in Ukraine:

  • Widespread corruption in the government and the police.
  • Humans rights are abused.
  • Unfair and flawed judicial system.
  • Journalists are harassed.
  • Right to protest freely are continuously curtailed.
Why should ministers boycott Euro 2012?
The imprisonment of Yulia Tymoshenko and the abuse she has received in prison. She has been on hunger strike for roughly 2 weeks now and on Friday May 4th German doctors The Guardian posted this article:
“The doctors concluded that she was suffering from intense pain and needed urgent treatment in a specialist clinic. Tymoshenko’s family said she was suffering from a herniated disc in her back.”
While in prison she has been beaten and many people think that her recent injuries and pain are as a result of those beatings. These are some pictures that were released a few weeks ago.

With 31 days to go until Euro 2012 starts it is time to take action. I’m not saying that national teams should boycott the competition because it’s too late to do that…and plus, I doubt the fans would like that. Ministers from the European countries that are taking part in the competition should openly say that they will not attend the football matches being played in Ukraine, like German Chancellor Angela Merkel. They should also say why they aren’t going to attend. The more people that do this, the more it hurts the Ukrainian government, Yanukovych and also raises awareness about Tymoshenko and how she has been treated while in prison. It will also send a message to the Ukrainian people which will show them that other countries do actually care…unlike the Ukrainian government. By not attending the games that will be played in Ukraine the european ministers will effectively stop/stall Yanukovych’s chance to get photo opportunities with them and prevent the Ukrainian authorities from using the competition as PR/propaganda opportunities.

As for the Euro 2012 final, which happens on July 1st…I believe it SHOULD be moved to Warsaw. As a big football fan myself I would love for Ukraine to hold the final in the capital, Kyiv, but with everything that has been going on in Ukraine with Tymoshenko, I believe it would be better to have it held in Warsaw. This will send a direct message to the Ukrainian Government saying that no one wants to be affiliated with them.


Sources and other useful links:

Just a few days left! Final week of practises

Monday’s meeting:
There was a lot of confusing about what time the TV studio was booked for because our producer, Charley, booked the studio for a different time to what was written on the Media Production blog that Bex had written. So some thought that we were in for 11 and some thought we were in at 1. There were a few of us that went in a 11 and we found out that that was the right time. With not enough people to work the equipment we decided to go to Ikea to buy props and other things for our set.

Tuesday’s meeting:
We met early on Tuesday to film our planking flash mob in The Hub. The day before we decided who would be filming and taking photos. We thought that one of our presenters was going to film but when it came down to it he walked away saying that he was busy. One of our camera men, Andrie, and our director, Dale, filmed the flash mob and I was taking pictures. After this we had a normal two hour practise in the studio. With only a week to go we had to make sure everything was perfect. I think this is time when people started to get slightly annoyed with each other. The practise wasn’t bad, a few heated discussions but no full blown arguments.

Wednesday’s meeting:
Unfortunately our director was at work and was unable to attend this meeting but he told us before so we had prepared for this and did the practise as best we could. We had 3 hours in the studio on this day. We went through the first run through without any problems. When we came together as a team to talk about the run through our producer started the talk off. This was the time we absolutely HAD TO pay attention to every single detail. This didn’t do down well with one of the presenters. He thought that we were all having a go & felt that we should do our jobs properly before we start criticising him. After we had gone through it a few more times, said presenter was getting very annoyed and baring in mind we still had an hour left in the studio he walked out and left. Everyone was overly annoyed by this because without the second presenter we couldn’t continue with the practise. Not a successful day.

Meanwhile, a small argument sparked on our Facebook group between one of the most hard working people and one of the people we hadn’t seen since week 2. One was trying to keep the peace and the other was being very rude and disrespectful. But this soon died down.

Friday’s meeting:
Surprisingly there wasn’t any problems during this practise. We were able to get a lot done in just 2 hours without arguments or disagreements! A good way to end a long and difficult week. We were all confident and looking forward to the live show.

Before the Easter break

Before Easter:

Just before Easter we had a few practise sessions in the TV studio and once again…we didn’t have a full team. We barely had enough to work the equipment….sounds very familiar.

Despite the lack of people the practises went really well. It was time that we had to iron out some of the kinks before we all went home. I think the biggest problem was timing. At some parts of the script the presenters would finish talking a few seconds before the VTs or they ran over some parts by a few seconds. This meant that the script had to be changed slightly to get the timing perfect. This was done by taking out a few words from the places the presenters were running over.

Problems with the microphone:

The problems with the mic were not technical problems. The lack of people in the group meant that the microphone was on a stand and was just put on the floor. If we had a person spare we would be able to put the microphone on a boom pole and the person would stand there holding it. But since we don’t have people to spare the presenters have been doing the best they can by just trying to speak louder. That works sometimes but sometimes they forget and talk quite quietly.