Really Warner Bros.?

This really isn’t going to be a long post. There are so many more important things I could be posting about Ukraine right now and I will be in the next few days. Now that I’ve finished my last assignment I am free to do more posts about Ukraine. The reason for this less important post is that a friend told me that a horror film about Chornobyl is coming out soon.

Ok, so Warner Bros. really want to make money out of a terrible nuclear disaster that happened about 25 years ago. I thought that it couldn’t be that bad….I could not be more wrong. I visited the website.
First of all, they got the spelling of Chornobyl wrong. In Ukrainian it is spelt чорнобиль so WHY is it spelt Chernobyl Diaries and not Chornobyl Diaries? WHY ‘er’ instead of ‘or’. Sounds like a stupid thing to complain about. If the script writers/producers actually did detailed background research then they’d know that.

I watched some of the trailers and basically the script is exactly the same as The Blair Witch Project but this time you can see the ‘thing’ that is taking/killing the “innocent” victims. This film looks like its doing the whole ‘handheld camera’ thing which quite a few recent films have done e.g. Cloverfield (which, in my eyes, was pretty shit).

The Huffington Post said: “Chernobyl Diaries, a horror movie about six teenaged “extreme tourists” who visit the radioactive hotspot on vacation, only to discover that the place is populated by mutant zombies. Pre-release comment ranges from “Awesome!” and “I can’t wait” to “video poop” and “teen-flick nonsense.” –

It seems, from watching the trailers, that this film will be the typical American traveler horror film filled with American actors that can barely act and a man that has a weird “Ukrainian” accent. They go to Chornobyl, it gets dark, the car won’t start. Oh no. Instead of staying together they split up into groups and instead of staying in the car with the doors locked they just simply have to go and explore. People go missing from the group, oh no, who could possibly be doing this, oh look its zombie Ukrainians. I will be going to see this film when it comes out so I can either say “yes, I was completely right to take the piss” or “no, it was actually decent” (doubt I’ll be saying that one). But I will go and see it and review it. I guess I’m going into it with a closed mind but I will be fair.

For any of those who are interested about чорнобиль here is a link to some really good photos that were taken by Zoltan Balogh
Some really nice shots there, these are probably some of the best photos I’ve seen that have been taken in Prypyat.

As I said at the beginning, I will be doing more posts in a few days but in the mean time I hope this post wasn’t too much of a rant, sorry if it was, I promise the next one will actually be more about important issues like the punch up in parliament….you didn’t know? check out the video: Ukrainian MP Brawl
….and how this effects the country and the already tarnished image it has.

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