Assessment Post 4 – Evaluation

This module has been not only interesting and challenging at times but it has also been one of my favourite modules in this first year. The best part of this module had to be the Recycled Media assignment we had to do. I literally spent about six hour researching suspicious journalist’s deaths in Eastern Europe, especially Ukraine. I was able to do the recycled media with relative ease because I already knew so much about Ukraine’s not so brilliant past….and not so brilliant present either. The most difficult task had to be the retelling of a fairytale/myth. To be fair, I made it difficult for myself because I said that I didn’t want to do something that everyone knew so I chose the Myth of Narcissus. Great! I’d chosen something not many people had heard of BUT that was were my creative side of my brain just went to sleep.


The TV studio part of this module was brilliant and I liked that I got to work with different people and got to know them a bit better. The thing I disliked the most about the Broadcasting Element was certain people in my group that didn’t turn up, they knew exactly when we were meeting and yet they still didn’t turn up and most of the time they didn’t even contact one of us, or post on our Facebook group, that they weren’t going to be in. Plain rude. There wasn’t a lot we could do about it, we did tell Karen but I’m not sure what was done next about it. Apart from that the live recording went really well. When we received feedback from lecturers they said that the sound was too loud….I don’t understand how it was so loud when I had been struggling to hear the two presenters the whole time we were practising. They also commented on the programme being a bit too ‘presenter heavy’ which I believe is a fair comment because it was but there was a reason for that. We didn’t want to just get videos and other material off the internet and have that take over the programme. Even though it was presenter heavy I still think this worked well.


Having Easter right towards the end of the module was really off putting because we’d be close to perfect before the holidays and then afterwards I think that’s when the problems in the group started to escalate because we had just that 1 week to remember everything from before Easter and get it perfect. But everyone powered through and it was all fine in the end.


All in all, a brilliant module!



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