Assessment Post 3 – Professional Development

At the beginning of this part of the module I was worried about what role I could actual do in the team that I wouldn’t mess up somehow (I’m quite a negative person really). I started thinking about being on camera but I soon found myself quite fond of the sound mixer, partly because its difficult to get wrong and partly because it’s an interesting piece of equipment.

During the first few weeks I was very quiet and this was because I’m naturally quiet with people I don’t generally know and most of the people that were in Spontaneity I hadn’t worked with before, apart from Shelley. But as the weeks went on I began to stop being so quiet and even started to put forward ideas, most were discarded but some were definite maybes. I was finally being myself in this group which was good, it gave me confidence in my work and I didn’t make as many mistakes as I would normally. The one thing I am amazed about myself from this module is that I am normally quite hot-headed and even though I got so annoyed at people not turning up to our practises I didn’t once loose my temper and was able to calm myself down. It must be something to do with this module.

Being in charge of the sound I had my fair share of problems. Our team, half the people didn’t show up most of the time so I had no choice but to use a microphone that was on a stand which was on the floor. This was alright, not the best, when the presenters were sitting down but when they were doing their intro it was particularly quiet. There was nothing I could do really, everything was on as high as I could get it and it was still quiet so the presenters had to speak louder…which they didn’t always do. The live recording was the only real time the whole group had come together so there wasn’t any time for me to play around with the sound then, the presenters just had to do their best.

I think the most important thing I’ve learnt from being with this groups is which people are the hard workers & I wouldn’t mind working with them again.

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