Assessment Post 2 – Media Forms

With this part of the 161 module we had to create a website with extra content and use social networking as part of the audience participation. We did start a Twitter account, although we don’t have any followers and we also filmed a behind the scenes video and an outtakes video.

During the live recording of our TV programme we were supposed to try and get some audience participation but we didn’t & I have no idea why…I’m not even sure who’s job that was.

On my website I have Twitter symbols which will link you to our Twitter account as well as a YouTube symbol which will take you to our YouTube account.

To increase our audience participation we need to do a number of different thing.

1) During the live recordings we need to show our Twitter name on the bottom left or right hand corner – This way if a viewer has a question they’d like to ask our guest they can instantly Tweet us.

2) During a live recording we can also tell our viewers what hashtag to use if they want to Tweet us a question. For example, our programme was about flash mobs so if someone had a question about flash mobs for our guest the hashtag would be #flashmobs. This allows the crew member in charge of social networking to find the questions easily because all they have to do is search #flashmobs on Twitter.

3) We could also make Twitter accounts for the two presenters. This would be separate from their personal accounts. It would give the audience a chance to engage with the presenters on a one-to-one level.

Aside from Twitter there are many other things that we could potentially do to boost out audience participation and hits. One thing on YouTube that I follow quite religiously are vloggers. Vloggers make a living by making videos and posting them on YouTube. Two classic examples would be Jenna Marbles and Grace Helbig. Videos on YouTube get more hits than a pre-watershed TV programme could ever dream of! So, an idea that I’ve had is that the presenters of Spontaneity Net TV could upload video diaries every so often to the Spontaneity YouTube channel and this will allow the audience to also comment on those videos and therefore interact more with the programme.

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