Assessment Post 1 – Creative critical process

It took me a while to get into the swing of things with the website and it took me over a week to complete it. I didn’t look at any websites for programmes like The One Show which you may think is foolish but I didn’t want to consciously or subconsciously design my website like any other.

It took me a total of 8 days to complete my Wix website. By day 4 I thought I had finished but the links to the videos weren’t working and that is when I found out that Wix does not support Vimeo…which is very annoying. I had to download the videos from someone’s Vimeo and upload them to my YouTube account. This process in total took about 4 hours.

Home Page:

Throughout the entire website I’ve stuck to the same colour scheme of red, white/cream, black and grey. It was better to keep that level of continuity throughout so the audience could instantly recognise that it was Spontaneity Net TV by just looking at the colours. The photos I chose for the home page where:



I chose this photo for ‘The Show’ part of the website because it was a photo that was taken during the live recordings and it gave you a tiny peak at what you could expect.







I chose this photo for the ‘Cast and Crew’ part of the website simply because it showed the team as a whole.






I chose this photo because it shows you a part of what happens behind the scenes, it doesn’t give too much away.













All the photos on the home page are linked to the corresponding pages. The YouTube and Twitter links are also on the front page to entice the audience member to follow us and subscribe to our channel. The e-mail is there so the audience can contact us without having to go onto the contact page. My wordpress URL is there just for some more information about the process we went through because I blogged about each meeting and practise we had.



The Show:

This had a similar picture to the one I used on the Home page, this was so the audience could recognise that they were on the right page and for continuity reasons without using the same image again.

I wanted to keep this page short and sweet so all I did was write a short paragraph about the programme, this week’s show and next week’s show and then I embedded the link of the programme.










Cast and Crew:

I decided to keep this all on 1 page because it saves the viewer switching from page to page just to look at the crew members. I did originally have it on two separate pages but there wasn’t enough content for it to be on two pages. For the two presenters I used these two pictures and decided to edit them so it would look like a head shot:

I did this using PhotoShop CS4 on my laptop. I cropped the image, changed it into a black and white image, changed the brightness/contrast slightly and added a boarder. I did exactly the same for

the photo of Daley and I was going to use both of the edited images right up until day

6 of creating my website. I looked at the images

and thought ‘nope, too childish’ and decided to keep the image and the name the same but to get rid of the boarder and try to match the red back ground with red at the bottom of the image. With the crew slideshow I made it like that because it was the easiest way to fit everyone on one page. If you hover your mouse over the slideshow it will tell you the name of

the person you’re looking at and their role in the crew. This is how the Cast and Crew page turned out:


Extras: Again, having the YouTube channel and Twitter link at the bottom so the views can follow us and subscribe to our channel.

photo gallery: There’s not text with the photos because the photos speak for themselves but you can hover your mouse over the images and it will tell you a bit more about it.

Videos: I decided to put all the VTs in one place because it is easier for the viewer to look at what VTs there are for the weeks programme and the longer videos, like the behind the scenes and outtakes, I’ve put on a different page called ‘Extra Videos’.







Contact us: Same colour scheme, as it is throughout. The e-mail is a

 real address that I made. It took me a while to come up with that e-mail address because for some reason I wasn’t allowed to use them, which was slightly annoying. I used the photo of all of us because I wanted it to look like if an audience member did contact us then they are contacting a member of the team and not just a random person sat at a desk.











Overall I am very pleased with how my website turned out, all the annoyance and difficulties I had were worth the outcome.

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