Today was our live recording day. We were given a two hour slot in which we were supposed to set up, record and pack away. Today was always going to be interesting because us ‘regulars’ wanted to see who turned up. EVERYONE turned up! There’s a first for everything I guess. One person hadn’t turned up since the second week so that person didn’t have an official role but our producer found this person something to do. Setting up wasn’t a problem, the people in the studio had it under control. To help calm everyone’s nerves we bought sweets for the crew…you may think ‘how unprofessional’ but we didn’t eat them during takes and it really did help calm those nerves.

The recording: Everyone was nervous and you could tell. But today there wasn’t any time to be nervous or make any mistakes. We were able to get 3 recordings done and all the recordings went well. The only thing that was bad was at the beginning when the presenters’ names came into the shot the sign with Jaypee’s name on it either wasn’t in shot properly or wasn’t in the shot for long enough. The only other thing that could’ve be changed was when one of the presenters kept getting the guest’s name wrong. It was humorous at first but doing it so many times it just got a bit old. The presenters worked really well with each other and the on-air chemistry between them was hilarious. The guest was well prepared and the presenters worked well to bounce off the guest and his opinions and fill short spaces where they were possibly a bit fast.

SWOT analysis of the recording:

Strengths: Got to hand it to the presenters, they did a brilliant job. They stumbled over a few words but nothing went wrong. The crew in the studio and the gallery were on the ball.

Weaknesses: In one of the shots, when the guest came onto the set, you could see the microphone on the bottom middle of the screen. Daley getting the guest’s name wrong, although it was for comedic value it didn’t add any comedic value to the show.

Opportunities: Maybe a few more different and adventurous camera angles…We’ll known that for next time.

Threats: Its no secret that our group has its fair share of problems (people not turning up, arguements/disagreements etc) so I think one of the biggest threats we had on the day was: 1) to see if everyone turned up (which they did, I was actually quite surprised at that) and 2) if an argument broke out. Everyone pulled together and there were no arguments, everyone just got on with their job.

Great teamwork. Great show.

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