Just a few days left! Final week of practises

Monday’s meeting:
There was a lot of confusing about what time the TV studio was booked for because our producer, Charley, booked the studio for a different time to what was written on the Media Production blog that Bex had written. So some thought that we were in for 11 and some thought we were in at 1. There were a few of us that went in a 11 and we found out that that was the right time. With not enough people to work the equipment we decided to go to Ikea to buy props and other things for our set.

Tuesday’s meeting:
We met early on Tuesday to film our planking flash mob in The Hub. The day before we decided who would be filming and taking photos. We thought that one of our presenters was going to film but when it came down to it he walked away saying that he was busy. One of our camera men, Andrie, and our director, Dale, filmed the flash mob and I was taking pictures. After this we had a normal two hour practise in the studio. With only a week to go we had to make sure everything was perfect. I think this is time when people started to get slightly annoyed with each other. The practise wasn’t bad, a few heated discussions but no full blown arguments.

Wednesday’s meeting:
Unfortunately our director was at work and was unable to attend this meeting but he told us before so we had prepared for this and did the practise as best we could. We had 3 hours in the studio on this day. We went through the first run through without any problems. When we came together as a team to talk about the run through our producer started the talk off. This was the time we absolutely HAD TO pay attention to every single detail. This didn’t do down well with one of the presenters. He thought that we were all having a go & felt that we should do our jobs properly before we start criticising him. After we had gone through it a few more times, said presenter was getting very annoyed and baring in mind we still had an hour left in the studio he walked out and left. Everyone was overly annoyed by this because without the second presenter we couldn’t continue with the practise. Not a successful day.

Meanwhile, a small argument sparked on our Facebook group between one of the most hard working people and one of the people we hadn’t seen since week 2. One was trying to keep the peace and the other was being very rude and disrespectful. But this soon died down.

Friday’s meeting:
Surprisingly there wasn’t any problems during this practise. We were able to get a lot done in just 2 hours without arguments or disagreements! A good way to end a long and difficult week. We were all confident and looking forward to the live show.

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