Before the Easter break

Before Easter:

Just before Easter we had a few practise sessions in the TV studio and once again…we didn’t have a full team. We barely had enough to work the equipment….sounds very familiar.

Despite the lack of people the practises went really well. It was time that we had to iron out some of the kinks before we all went home. I think the biggest problem was timing. At some parts of the script the presenters would finish talking a few seconds before the VTs or they ran over some parts by a few seconds. This meant that the script had to be changed slightly to get the timing perfect. This was done by taking out a few words from the places the presenters were running over.

Problems with the microphone:

The problems with the mic were not technical problems. The lack of people in the group meant that the microphone was on a stand and was just put on the floor. If we had a person spare we would be able to put the microphone on a boom pole and the person would stand there holding it. But since we don’t have people to spare the presenters have been doing the best they can by just trying to speak louder. That works sometimes but sometimes they forget and talk quite quietly.

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