Tv studio sessions, week 1 & 2

TV Studio week 1 & 2
March 6th & 13th

There was about 9/15 people that turned up to the workshop. Some of us hadn’t worked together before so it was all a bit strange at first but we soon got into the swing of things. We started talking about spontaneity and what words linked with it. We found this to be quite a difficult task and we hadn’t even got onto what the tv program could be about yet!!

Spontaneity: random, impulsive, improvisational. Those were the three main words that I picked out of the long list we had made.

Once we had done that we then started to think of things that were spontaneous. The room was silent for about 5 mins. We came up with a few things that the show could be about: rap battles, tattoos, free running, hunger strike (for charity), chat roulette, mock the week (improv. comedy). The most interesting was impulsive tattoos and flash mobs. Dale had a friend that was a tattoo artist that gets quite a few customers that are a bit drunk & decide to have a tattoo done late at night. So that is where that idea steamed from. The flash mob idea came from a few people I think. None of us had ever been in a flash mob before so we decided to research more about them. we found out that the first flash mob was in 2002 and many companies such as T mobile had done flash mobs in their adverts to promote their products. Yes flash mobs may not be spontaneous because of the preparation and reheasal that goes into them but they are spontaneous to the audience that is watching it.

We decided to research more about tattoos and flash mobs and by doing so we found out that there flash mobs were more interesting and there was much more to say about flash mobs.

Week 2:

This week about 8 turned up to the workshop and about 7 to the studio session in the afternoon. Even though this is only the second week in the Studio we realised that this was becoming problematic because we didn’t even have enough people to fill half the roles. The people that hadn’t turned up for the past 2weeks knew exactly what time the workshops were and exactly what time studio sessions were, they were on Moodle! It’s not that difficult to go online and have a look. I’m not one to work with people that don’t make an effort. Now that I’ve finished with my mini rant (there was a lot more to it but I cut it down), this is what we did in this weeks session:

During the workshop we researched more into flash mobs. We found some flash mobs that had been done in coventry, even though it didn’t look very good because it just like a bunch of kids jumping around to music which you couldn’t even hear. While looking at Youtube clips of flash mobs we soon realise that when we have to do the VT it was going to be very difficult to download the clips for the quality to be good enough to go on television but this was a bridge we could cross when we got to it in a few weeks time.

In the studio session we were doing really well with the timing of the 3 minute run throughs so the mentors decided that we should mix it up a bit and have a weather section in the show. The low numbers in our team meant that we couldn’t assign presenters yet & therefore the 3rd year mentors we’re the presenters. I had really got attached to the sound mixer. It was fairly easy to use so it was fairly difficult to get wrong which is something I was worrying about, I didn’t want to let the team down if I was doing a role I wasn’t comfortable with. The studio session went really well but the thing that was irritating all of us was the fact that we could assign roles yet because there were some people that hadn’t turned up to a studio session, meaning we couldn’t sort out who was going to be presenting because then we’d have no one on the cameras.

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