Reflection 3 – People to People Completion

Before starting editing David went through all of the footage and put together a transcript of everything that Flori said. He also highlighted the most relevant parts so it would be easier to cut the footage down once we had got to the editing stage.

Looking back at the editing process it was very time consuming and by the end of it we were all exhausted. During the edit, we learnt the importance of how to cover up the cuts by using photos  or other clips. We used the relevant photos to correspond with what Flori was talking about e.g. her mother, work and university.  After a lot of cutting down and four hours later we had finished the editing process.

We had to make several difficult decisions during editing because the documentary had to be 3 minutes so we had to cut a lot of the footage down, even some of the parts that we really wanted to keep. She had some really brilliant and touching stories from her life including things about her abusive father and her struggles she went through as a teen when her father kicked her out. We had to choose a maximum of two aspects in her life to focus on because we had originally kept the part about her abusive father but the video ended up being 9 minutes long.

I feel the edit went well and the final outcome was good. The only thing I would change is just maybe a bit more description about why Flori left Romania and maybe, if it didn’t add too much time, why she chose England and not America or Canada. The presentation could have gone better than it did. The audio on our video failed to work at the beginning of the video. This made all of the group panic a bit but eventually we got it to work. This audio error didn’t happen when we watched it back after editing or when I watched it at home so maybe it was an error at university or the part of the video that the audio wouldn’t play had a different audio setting than the other clips. We will have to check this and make sure it works properly. The video below is the completed piece. I am very pleased with the outcome and I really have to praise the people that I was in a group with.

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