People to People progress – Reflection 2

The interview:

As soon as we got to Flori’s house and introduced ourselves, we instantly saw that she was a very relaxed person with a laid back attitude. This was good because we knew she would be comfortable talking about the events that happened in her life in front of all of us without being embarrassed. Having said this, we thought it was a good idea to have Shelley conduct the interview as Shelley and Flori have known each other and worked together for a few years. Before the interview we went over basically what Flori was going to talk about and we went through some of the questions we wanted to ask her. This was a good idea because we wanted Flori to just talk with minimal interruptions from us but if Flori didn’t know how to continue Shelley would step in and ask a question so the interview didn’t loose any time or emotional build up. All in all, the interview went really well and Flori was able to talk for about 30 minutes non-stop. She did get a little emotional when she was talking about her mother but this didn’t turn into a big problem. She didn’t burst into tears or stop for a long period of time, she was very professional and carried on going, which must have been difficult for her.

The Team:

David Bird: Camera operator
Shelley Phillips: Interviewer
Vinuri Perera: Sound
Myroslava Terlecky: Photographer

Here are a few photos from the interview day:

The above video was made by David Bird. It shows a few clips of what Flori spoke about in the interview and also gives you an idea about which parts of her life we decided to focus on.

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