Final – Completed Short Film


The editing process was actually not as bad as I thought it would be. I downloaded Final Cut Pro X for my Mac and, compared the version before, its very simple to use!! If I was doing this edit on the old version of final cut then I’d have had a lot of difficulty.

Strengths: I think I picked the right piece of music for my edit. It took me around two hours searching for royalty free music and once I had found a good site it then took me quite a while for me to find the right track. Comparing my complete short film to my rough cut, my complete short has smoother cuts and flows better and after I got feedback from Bex I knew which clips needed to be corrected.

Weaknesses: There is a clip where the camera jolts up. I thought it was an exporting error but after going through the original footage I was able to see that it wasn’t, it was in fact camera shake or the person operating the camera moved it slightly. Unfortunately, I was not able to correct this during the edit because to correct it we would’ve had to film the scene again which we couldn’t because our female lead has gone back to university.

Opportunities: Originally I had planned for my friend to write a piece of music specifically for my edit. Unfortunately, she was unable to due to university assignments and deadlines. If she did write and record a piece of music it would have been unique and free for me to use without any worry about copyright. Maybe during easter when we both have a little more free time we will be able to work on a music piece.

Threats: I think the biggest threat in this short film is the camera work towards the end. Throughout the film the camera was on a tripod so it was steady and there was hardly any camera shake (apart from that one which I have already mentioned). When the wife is walking towards the front door the camera is being held in someone’s hands, not with a tripod, and therefore as the person holding the camera walks and breaths the camera moves slightly. We know what to do next time we film so the same thing doesn’t happen again.

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