This first part of this module has been interesting and I have been able to create things I wouldn’t necessarily have ever thought of creating. My favourite task has been task 2 because I found the research to be the most fascinating thing. I literally spent about four, maybe even five, hours researching journalist deaths and murders in eastern Europe. For my evaluation I will be doing a SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) of all three tasks. Personally, a SWOT analysis helps me to systematically evaluate work.

Task 1

Strengths: I have been using Photoshop for about five years now and I know a lot more than just the basics. My Photoshop skills definitely an advantage for task 1. With my skills I was able to use a leaf shape as the background and then used a cross-hatch filter to make the lines which make up the background.

Weaknesses: I feel my brand could be more professional and maybe with some more Photoshop tutorials and online help I will be able to edit it in way that looks and feels more professional to me.

Opportunities: If I had more time I would ask a friend of mine that studied Art for A-level to help me with a design. I would also spend more time getting feedback from various people, not just my friends but also people from outside the course and my friendship zone that will be able to be more critical than some friends.

Threats: As technology develops my brand will become more and more outdated. I must keep up with trends and technology to be able to redesign my brand when times change.

Task 2

Strengths: My research I did really helped the narrative come alive and it was because of the in-depth research that the narrative was the strongest element in this task.

Weaknesses: The screen recorded video I made, some of the text you are unable to see because of the resolution. I did try to change it by expiring it as a different setting but it didn’t make a difference.

Opportunities: I would lengthen the project so that Jacques and his father’s friend Robert maybe start to research about the government in Ukraine and Russia and look into corruption as well. Unfortunately, corruption is pretty big in Ukraine so you never need to look very far to find something or someone that is corrupt which is a massive shame because Ukraine will not be accepted into the EU because of the high levels of corruption and the fact that the current government is doing nothing about it (making it worse in fact).

Threats: Some people that don’t know about corruption in eastern Europe might think that my narrative of someone being murdered by a government is a little farfetched. But those people need only to look at the research I did and that shows them that it isn’t just eastern Europe’s journalists that are murdered.

Task 3

Strengths: Choosing a myth that not many people (including myself) had heard of was good and bad. I haven’t seen many other people’s work but the ones I have seen are modern disney fairytales, so I think my idea will be unique. Not knowing the myth myself meant I had to do pretty substantial amounts of research (again) and I didn’t just use the internet! I went to the library and I also spoke to a friend of mine that knows a lot about greek mythology.

Weaknesses: With the actual presentation of my narrative I could’ve improved by researching a bit more about animation but everywhere I searched was a dead end.

Opportunities: If I had the right software I would try to make a video animation of my modern myth but without the right software it would look pretty amateur and not very good I feel.

Threats: I think the presentation of my modern myth will prove to be a disadvantage to me as it might look like I didn’t try as hard as the other two tasks but this isn’t the case, I did try and put a lot of effort into it but the failure in not having the right software was a massive disadvantage.

  1. February 26th, 2012

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