Task 2 – Recycled Media

Jacques O’ Brien is a 17 year old boy that lives in Dublin with his Father, Glen, who is a journalist. Jacques mother died while Jacques was very young so his aunty, Glen’s sister, was a mother figure to him his whole life and Jacques and his father would go to his aunty’s house at least once a week to have dinner. One night, Glen was on his way to his sister’s house with Jacques for dinner but they were running late.

Glen called his sister to tell her they were going to be late when Glen and Jacques were involved in a car crash. Glen died on the scene and Jacques was rushed to hospital where he recovered after a few days. While Jacques was going through his father’s possessions with his aunty, Jacques goes through his father’s laptop and sees his dad had done a lot of research about a man-made famine that happened in Ukraine in the 30′s. Jacques goes through his dad’s e-mails and sees an e-mail from one of his dad’s journalist friends saying that he should be careful when researching Holodomor as journalists have gone missing in the past and the Russian government were the most likely suspects in their disappearances. Jacques tries to find out if his father’s death was deliberate.

While looking through his dad’s computer he receives a visit from police inspectors. They say that they are treating his father’s death as suspicious. The breaks were sabotaged on Glen’s car, which had recently passed it’s MOT. Someone was to blame for his death and Jacques, and Robert Murrey, thought it was because Glen was researching about Holodomor.

Getting/Making the Videos

The first video – the voice recording of the call from Glen to his sister and the crash I got from our 160mc Cabinet of Curiosities.

The second video – Scene recording of ‘Jacques’ going onto his father’s computer and looking at his work & e-mails. Before recording this I had to change my desktop from this:

To this:

After changing my desktop I had to make two fake e-mail accounts; one for Glen and one for his friend Robert Murrey.

After that, I had to send an e-mail from Robert to Glen, warning Glen about what he might be getting himself into. This e-mail included a link to a real article from a Ukrainian website about the Director of the Association of Holodomor Researchers being shot at from a moving car.

The third video – animation of two people talking about Glen’s car crash. For this video I used a website called xtranormal to animate two characters to make them look like they we’re responsible for the crash.

You may notice some of the words and spelt horribly wrong. I did this because the characters accents were weird and couldn’t say certain words properly, so I had to play around and find out which wrong spelling of the word sounded right.

  1. February 26th, 2012
  2. February 26th, 2012

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