Rough Cut

Feedback from Rebacca Pittam (skills instructor/serior technician at Coventry University)

1. kitchen, when paint brush hits the floor – editing error. Before the shot of the paint brush hitting the floor, the girl lets go of the paint brush and before it goes to the next shot it is already fairly close to the floor. Also, shot of paint brush hitting the floor – looks too bright and yellowy.

I changed the editing error by cutting the clip where the girl lets go of the paint brush by 2 frames/per second so that there wasn’t a continuity error. In the clip where the paint brush hits the floor, I also changed the saturations of the midtones so the clip wouldn’t look yellowy.

2. The shot of the champagne glasses where the focus moves from the back glass to the front one – Holds for too long on the glass at the back and doesn’t hold for long enough on the glass at the front.

I changed this by, again, cutting 3 frames/per second from the beginning of the clip and extending the end of the clip slightly.

3. When the girl was lying on the sofa with the boy – too bright.

I changed the exposure of the midtones to -40% and the saturation of the midtones to 25%.

4. The shot of the girl and the wine when the focus is changed from her to the glass – hold the focus on the girl instead of moving the focus to the glass.

5. Transition of the girl walking into the kitchen – don’t like it, maybe fade to black instead. I have changed the transition to fade to black but this is quite difficult to show in a screen grab..

6. The shot of the front door handle – the picture jumps a bit, might be an exporting error or camera shake. I have managed the change this, I think it was an exporting error. (Again, this is difficult to show in a screen grab).

7. The beginning of the short until the falling of the picture frame, make it look a bit warmer and make the second part of the short (after the picture frame has fallen) much colder so it will just add to the emotion that you are trying to get across.

For the clips at the beginning that had the ‘warmer’ feel (love and happiness) I changed the saturation midtones in most of the clips to +20% or +25%. They did vary slightly because I did want to make the clips ‘warmer’ but I didn’t want the actors skin to become yellow. In the clips after the picture frame has fallen I changed the colour midtones to +30% and the global saturation to -20%. The shots that were taken outside and the ones in the corridor to the from door I had to change in a different way because of the natural light. I changed the colour midtones to +15% and the global saturation to -25%. If I kept the colour and saturation levels of these clips with the other ‘colder’ ones then the clips would look like they were tinted blue.

  1. Lovely work Myroslava. Very well put together. Great narrative as well, with the sound which keeps the viewer engaged at key moments.

    • Thanks Dean. I still need to put the sound track on it & cut down some clips. The deadline is on Monday so the final piece will be on here shortly!

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