Changing the title of my Script/short film!

When I wrote my script I was having trouble thinking of a title for it. I didn’t want it to be anything cheesy but no matter what I thought of it just sounded wrong. I made the mistake of looking at words in a thesaurus and after looking up words like upset, distraught and clicking on just about every similar word I was ready to give up & call it the most cheesy name known to man.

I then came across the word “phantasm” which means: a figment of the imagination; an illusion or apparition. I then looked up words that were similar to that and came up with phantasmal. I had originally chosen this name because it described exactly what was happening to the woman in the short, she was imagining something that wasn’t real.

During editing for my rough cut I was staring at the name and then came to the conclusion that I hated it. So I spent a good three hours researching names of films. I also re-read my script and treatment to remind myself about what I wanted the audience to feel when they saw the title by itself. To me the word Phantasmal makes me think of magic and something incredible happening…not woman that is grieving for her husband.

Reading my script again something clicking in my head. The wife wasn’t just imagining something, she was imagining something which she longed for, she longed for that happiness with her husband and I wanted the audience to think of that when they see the title.

I went through a few titles:
Craving Happiness – this to me made me think that the person was hungry or something.
Wishful Happiness – every time I said this I kept saying Wishful Thinking. If I say the wrong title (and I’m the producer!) would others get the title wrong??
And finally, Desired Happiness – this was easily the best out of all of them. Desire means: a strong feeling of wanting to have something or wishing for something to happen. This is exactly what I wanted to portray in the title.

New title: Desired Happiness

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