Task 2 – Recycled Media (research)

Assignment brief for Task 2 – rework content produced in 160MC to tell a new story. You must use a minimum of two pieces of media produced in 160MC -­‐ and combine (mash), re-­‐edit and deliver them on a new platform to tell a new story. Your recycled media should then be showcased on your blog. It is up to you to choose how you want to manipulate your content.

The two things I have decided to recycle are: The Cabinet of Curiosities and My Poetic Eyes.
This is going to be a struggle because the two have absolutely nothing in common with each other, so the research in this task is going to be crucial.

First, I’ll remind you all of both of the projects.

Cabinet of Curiosities: The character was Jacques O’Brian who was part Irish (his Dad’s side) and part French (his Mum’s side). He was brought up by his father because Jacques always believed that his mother died when he was very young but his mother was living in France after suffering with depression after Jacques was born. His father thought it was best he didn’t know. Jacques and his Dad were driving to Jacques’ aunty’s house when they were in a car crash. His father died and Jacques was in hospital for some time and had memory loss. His wallet was his Cabinet & certain things reminded him of his life before the accident. He goes through his father’s belongings and finds a lot of things that were sent from his mother. He finds her address and goes to France to look for her.

My Poetic Eyes: This project was about the man-made famine that happened in Ukraine during 1932-1933 which is known as Holodomor. It was create by the orders of Stalin after the Ukrainian farmers did not agree to his plan of collectivisation. Over 7 million people died of starvation and that includes around 3 million children. No one knows exactly how many people died during that 18 month period because the dead were put into mass graves which are still being found. For the people of Ukraine, their food was confiscated and if people were hiding food they would be arrest and, more than likely, would have been shot. Travelling to different parts of Ukraine to find food was forbidden. Livestock, grain, crops and any and all types of food was seized by Russian authorities.

How am I going to put these two together and recycle it to make a new story?

During the famine in Ukraine there were a few journalists that went around Ukraine illegally and reported the truth about what was happening to the Ukrainian people. Two of the more well known journalists were Malcolm Muggeridge and Gareth Jones. I’ve focused my research on Gareth Jones. After reporting about the man-made famine, in 1935 he went to China and in Northern China he was kidnapped along with a German Journalist, Dr Herbert Mueller. Mueller was released two days later but Jones was still held for a further 2 weeks and after that was apparently murdered by a Chinese bandit’s bullet. There is a lot of speculation about Jones’ death because Mueller was a known Soviet Comitern [Communist International] agent and Adams Purpiss of Wostwag, who gave Gareth free transport, was the Head of a major covert arm of Soviet NKVD in China.

I decided to research further into journalists deaths in eastern Europe, specially in Ukraine and Russia.

This is an article taken from the Ukrainian website http://www.pravda.com.ua/
http://www.pravda.com.ua/news/2012/02/8/6958387/ and it was posted on: Wednesday 8th February 2012, 22:04

У Києві невідомі стріляли в директора Асоціації дослідників Голодомору Олександра Ушинського. Про це на своїй сторінці у Facebook написав прес-секретар ВО “Свобода” Юрій Сиротюк.

“Щойно подзвонив Олександр Ушинський директор Асоціації дослідників Голодомору і повідомив що на нього вчинено збройний напад в районі метро Дружба Народів”, – зазначає він.

“Спочатку його підрізав джип чорного кольору номер АА 00-20. Після цього невідомий опустив скло автомобіля і здійснив два постріли у бік Олександра”, – пише “свободівець”.

Зазначається, що директор асоціації не постраждав.

This is the translation:

In Kyiv, unknown people shot at the Director of the Association of Holodomor Researchers, Oleksandr Ushynskiy. About this, on his Facebook page, wrote the press secretary of “Svoboda” (a political party) Yuriy Syrotyuk. “Oleksandr Ushynskiy, director etc, has just phoned and informed me that he was subject to an attack with weapons in the area of the metro station ‘Druzhba Narodiv’.”
“First, he was cut up by a black jeep number AA 00-20. After this, an unknow person wound down the window of the car and fired two shots in Oleksandr’s direction.”
It is stressed that the Director of the Association was not injured.

My Idea:

I’ve taken the Cabinet of Curiosities and My Poetic Eyes and I believe the only logical way of recycling these two to produce a new story is to have Jacques’ father, Glen, as a journalist researching Holodomor & the car crash that Jacques and his father are in will be deliberate, although it is seen as an accident. Jacques goes through his father’s laptop and possession and sees his dad had done a lot of research about a man-made famine that happened in Ukraine in the 30’s. Jacques goes through his dad’s e-mails and sees an e-mail from one of his dad’s journalist friends saying that he should be careful when researching Holodomor as journalists have gone missing in the past and the Russian government were the most likely suspects in their disappearances. Jacques tries to find out if his father’s death was deliberate.

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