People to People (photos)

This picture shows Flori and her relative when they were children. Flori has told Shelley she thinks she was about 10 years old at this time. They are in Romania near the flat they lived. This picture is to support what we want to show in the beginning of the documentary, we want to interview Flori and ask her about her childhood in Romania, about her relationships with her family, the struggles she went through when she was growing up in poverty. How she had to live with her grandmother from the age of 13 because her father used to beat her mother. Little details like her mother used to make one big stew for the whole family and deliver it to all of the houses at dinnertime otherwise they would go hungry. We really want to show the hardship of her younger life before she got into school and before she got the ambition to go to university. I want an audience to realise how different some people grow up. In the documentary we will show this by asking Flori questions and showing her answers, hopefully Flori can also provide us with some photos of her childhood like this one.

This is a picture of Flori, which was taken not long after she got the job at the Royal Oak pub. This currently is Floris only source of income as student finance is not supporting her education this year. We want to show in the documentary footage of Flori working in the pub, this is because this is her lively hood. This is how she survives and how she helps her family to survive. We want to show in the documentary how Flori began working her 7 days a week in the pub when she moved to England, as well as studying Law at university, and she currently works there now for 5 days a week. This is where she earns the money to not only keep herself alive but also to send to her family in Romania so they can survive. This is key to show in the documentary because it shows Floris selflessness as a character, and how she is surviving on a minimum amount of money to help her family.

his is a picture of Flori’s brothers children, so her niece and nephew. The picture is great for showing her relationship with her family and puts a face to what Flori will be explaining in her story. This is a really important image to include explaining Floris story, the background gives you an idea of the poverty her family are living in. It is really important for us to show Flori’s relationship with her family in the documentary and the importance of it. These are the people who she is supporting financially and in the documentary we want her to explain her relationship she has with them and explain how difficult it is to provide for herself and her family on a part time wage.

This is a picture of Flori on Christmas day taken by her roommate Karina. It is important to show this because this is where the majority of the interview we film will be set. Also it shows where she lives, which gives the documentary an authentic personal feel. However you can read this picture in both a positive and negative way. It is sad that she is not spending Christmas with her family as neither can afford to fly over and spend it with the other. However it is also nice to see what Flori has now, where she is living, she is living in a nice house near work and uni and it is important to show this in the documentary, just how much of a better way of life she has here.

This is a picture of Flori, which was taken before one of her competitions in her law degree. This is a very important image because it offers a resolution to Flori’s story and it shows the real positives of her life here in England. I felt this is the most important image to include last as it shows where she is today. It shows her journey from struggling in poverty in Romania to making something of her life here in England, it also shows her passion and her ambition and we want this to come across to an audience.

David drew up five segments of storyboards to illustrate, how we will set up the shot and what locations we will film in to best represent Flori’s Life.

The first drawing shows a close up of Floris face. We plan to interview her in her home, to illustrate to the audience where she now calls home. This shot will be a close up. I think close ups are key when people are talking about their personal life, as it captures all their emotions and facial expressions and gives the audience a more one to one feeling. The interview section of the piece will be key part as the documentary will keep cutting back to her talking about her life, intercut shots of her going about he key daily routines will be intercut in with it, and her voice will still be heard over the top. The reason were going to do this is to re-enforce what she is saying with visual stimuli.

This shot is just going to be another angle in which we will shoot Flori. This shot will be key when the audiences are connecting to her as they will be able to see her surrounding and where she lives. Many people have said in history that people’s objects say a lot about a person, and that is why we will shoot from a long to medium shot perspective. The other plus point by doing this will be to show her body language when she talks.

This drawing shows the audience where she works, we plan to film her working at the pub she works at. This will interlink to the moments she talks about working to help herself and her family live. Therefore the audience will not just hear her talk about it, but will also see he doing it. We have permission to film in the pub, as Shelley also works here; therefore she has already sorted it out with the management.

This shot will show Flori studying for her Law degree, which takes up a lot of her time. Once again this shot will be used to back up what she is saying when she discusses her education. The reason why we know when we will be able to use these exterior shots other than the interview is because we will ask her questions regarding each section of her life that we want to look at, and then with some planning, they will all link up well.

This final shot will show Flori in a courtroom, for Floris course she has to practice doing mock court cases and coincidently she has one coming up next Friday, therefore as long as we can get permition to film. (Which shouldn’t be a problem) we will film her taking part in this activity. She will be wearing all the traditional robing and as a group we think it will be an exciting aspect of her life to capture. This will then be a good end to the piece, as they are quiet positive visual images, which contrast to her negative stories at the beginning of the interview.

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