Reflection 1 – My Poetic Eyes

This was the first time I had used achieve material in this way and I found this project to be really enjoyable although writing the poetry was difficult. The subject I chose to do was something that I knew a lot about so it was easy for me to find all the material I needed to put my video together.

SWOT analysis

Strengths – The clips and pictures I used went well with the poem I had written because some parts of the poem and the footage linked well together and were quite powerful. The last three lines of the poem were better than the rest of it as I believe they had the most impact.

Weaknesses – It was rather difficult to write the poem because I’d never written poetry before and I think the majority of my poem could have been better. The way I read the poem on the recording was quite fast and I think I could have spoken a bit clearer.

Opportunities – Keeping this down to just one minute was a challenge in itself. If it was allowed to be five minutes I think the group would’ve got a better understanding of my subject. If I have time in the future I might do an extended version.

Threats – The group didn’t know which country Holodomor happened in by just looking at my one-minute clip and listening to my poem. This was a problem for me because I thought some of the effect was lost. The way I could’ve made sure people knew it happened in Ukraine was to have put an image of the map of Ukraine with highlighted parts of the most affected areas.

    • Ken Fero
    • February 23rd, 2012

    Good reflection, you have covered all the points and been insightful as well as self-critical. What’s the progress on your P2P piece?

    • Thanks Ken. We filmed the P2P today and are going to start editing as a group tomorrow. By saturday evening I will do a post about the filming day

    • Ken Fero
    • February 23rd, 2012

    OK I will view the rushes tomorrow.

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