People to People Treatment

The people that I am in a group with are: David Bird, Shelley Phillips and Vinuri Perera. We all shared our ideas; my pitch was about my granddad and how he fought for the Ukrainian army. However my grandfather passed away when I was 12 so the interviewer was going to be my dad talking about his father’s experiences. But we thought that the interview would loose meaning and effect than if we spoke to my grandfather.

David then pitched his idea, which is on his Nan becoming a full time career after his granddads stroke, and how she is coping with how her life has changed so much. This idea was a really strong idea but we all agreed that it would be too upsetting for David’s Nan to talk about.

Shelley then pitched her idea. Shelley’s idea was about her friend Flori, and how she is originally from a run down area in Romania. Flori moved over to England and now studies part time as well as working full time at a pub. She works so that she can send the money she earns home to Romania to support her family. As a group we decided that this was the strongest pitch and also the most practical.

Flori is a close friend of Shelley’s and also works with her. Shelley has been asking Flori questions about her life for the past two weeks and even thought the rest of us haven’t met Flori yet we’ve been giving Shelley input into what questions she should ask her.

The issue we are trying to get around is what part of Flori’s life we should focus on. The reason this is an issue is because she has had such an eventful life, that it was initially difficult to pin point an exact topic on which to focus on.
Events in Flori’s life are:
• Her life of poverty in Romania
• Her struggles moving to a different country
• The pressure of having to earn money to stop her family from starving
• Her abusive father

Talking about these elements will make the interview more interesting than just focusing on one specific part or focusing on too much. This is because we don’t want the audience to be bored or too overwhelmed with information.

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