Making a brand

The task of coming up with my own brand had been troubling me as I just couldn’t think of what design to go for. I decided to look back on the blog post I did about the three images that describes me:

I decided to take different aspects from each image and try to come up with a brand design and name from there. Apart from not being able to come up with a design I was also stuck on a name. At first I thought of MT Productions, the MT representing my name, but then I changed this to MT Media. I changed this because at present I’m not sure what media path I want to go down so leaving the name at MT Media means that my ‘production company’ is open ended.

Here is an image of my design draft:

This image is very simplistic and doesn’t really share any characteristics with my three images. The darkness around the edges of my initials reminds me of the darkness around the edges of the X-files lettering. This was a basic design and for a first try it wasn’t terrible but I knew I needed to do something more that would make it look a little more presentable. So I had another go:

This design had a bit more colour but once I had done it and was looking at it I didn’t like the page setup. Again, it didn’t share many, if any, similar characteristics with my three images.

I changed the size of the paper on Photoshop so that I could now make a banner.
Similarities with my three images:

Converse Logo – The Converse logo uses a star shape so I have used a different shape on the background of my image. The shape I have used is a leaf although you cannot see this now as I have used a filter called crosshatch to create the lined effect.

Tryzub – The font I have chosen looks similar to the design of the Tryzub in the way that the Tryzub has pointed edges so does the font I’ve used, which in my opinion keeps it looking professional.

Frozen planet – The white colour that is around the first letters symbolises the ice and snow on frozen planet.

I showed these three images to some of my friends on this course to get some feedback so I’d be able to change anything so that it would be the best it could be. Two of them liked the second image better and particularly liked the name “MT Productions” instead of “MT Media” but they liked the background of the third image more than the other two. The third person agreed that the name should be “MT Productions” but liked the banner style more. This gave me something to think about and after hearing their feedback and once again looking at all the images I came to the conclusion that I decided to do the exact style and colours as the banner but change the size of the paper and the name to see if it looked better.

Personally, this is my best design. I’m glad I listened to the feedback that was given to me and changed the design and the name.

  1. February 26th, 2012

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