Final Script


Strengths: The overall narrative is good. I’m glad I only put two main characters in it, if their were more characters I think it would take the attention away from the wife which is definitely not what I wanted to happen. The layout is set out correctly which makes it easier to read and it makes it look professional.

Weaknesses: There isn’t a lot of dialog and sometimes this is a good thing but the more I look at this script the more I think that there should be a little more dialog.

Opportunities: If I had a couple of thousand pounds for a budget I might have changed the time period that its set in to the second world war. This would give me a chance to do a lot of in-depth research about that time period; interior design, clothing, how people died during world war II (shot, mines, illness etc). I think it would be more interesting, if it is researched properly and filmed properly.

Threats: The real problem here is that some people in the audience might not understand that the scenes with the husband didn’t happen in real life, although it could be seen as a flash back, this all depends on how this is edited.

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