Filming day

Firstly, getting equipment for filming was a hassle. Brett and Luke tried to hire out the Z1′s, a tripod and other useful items of equipment, however all of the equipment we needed were unavailable. We ended up using Luke’s Canon 550D. Brett and Luke were able to hire out dedo lights. They weren’t able to get a microphone out because they didn’t know which lead connected to Luke’s Canon. We had to just use the Canon’s built in microphone and, at the end of the day, there was hardly any dialog in the film so it didn’t matter much.

Brett and Luke were picked up by Shelley so they could get to Shelley’s Dad’s house and set up the lighting ready for when we arrived so we didn’t waste any time. The actors that Shelley organised were called Esther and her boyfriend Daren. They’d been together for around 3 years so, for the more intimate scenes, they’d be comfortable around each other.

We decided to do the intimate scene first to get it out the way because Daren had to leave by 3. We all decided that it would be better if Luke filmed, as it was his canon we were using, and Brett would help direct for this scene. We came to this decision because if we had all seven of us staring at the actors it might be slightly awkward. Brett came into the kitchen where the rest of us were and asked what shots we all wanted, he also had everyone’s storyboards so those gave him an idea of how we wanted the shot to look like.

We then decided to shoot the painting scene. There wasn’t much space on the landing where we were filming it so only two people were allowed upstairs at any one time. This wasn’t a problem but it did take more time than expected.

Once Daren had left we were all able to be in the room for the final scene (Esther’s emotional scene) and we were able to direct her so we all got the shots we wanted.

This picture shows the lighting technique that Brett used. He made it so it seemed like it was very early morning, making it look like there was a slight opening in the curtains. This, I feel, was very effective and will make the edit fun because we will be able to play around with colour balance to make it look really gloomy and depressing.

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