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I watched two news reports, both about the same thing: Unemployment in Britain. The first news report was from channel 4 and it aired on Wednesday 18th January 2012. The second news report was aired on the same day but from BBC Midlands.

Editorial: Both news reports had virtually the same editorial structure.
Who – 1 in 5 people under 24
What – Unemployed
Why – cuts, recession (BBC Midlands also said the government was to blame)
When – this month
Where – Britain (The Midlands)
How – part of the reason is because some people don’t want to do the toilet cleaning jobs, some don’t have specific qualifications.

Research: Channel 4 used ONS as their source
BBC Midlands used the OSN and the DWP which said that there were 32,616 job vaccines when Channel 4 didn’t say anything.

Opinions: These were different. Channel 4 used one person to give their opinion, Kevin Kerley from Solutions 4 Cleaning. BBC Midlands used a person from Autonet Insurance, Job Centre, Birmingham Chamber of Commerce group, a managing director, Political editor Patrick Burns, Labour MP for Stoke South (Rob Flello) and a Conservative MP for South Staffordshire (Gavin Williamson).

BBC Midlands went into so much more depth and detail than Channel 4 did. I would take the same approach as BBC Midlands by backing up stories with facts and by talking to people that can share their opinions.

    • Ken Fero
    • January 26th, 2012

    Good analysis.

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