3Minute documentary

The two people that I’m in a group with have many ideas. My idea is to film my father talking about my grandfather. My grandfather was born in Ukraine and during World War 2, when Ukraine was occupied by both Russia and Germany, he was taken by the Germans to join their army. After being with their army for a while my grandfather and a few of his friends had a plan to run away and try to reach England. When they met up to go over the plan a grenade landed near to where they were standing. One of my grandfather’s friends was killed, another got shrapnul in his chest and my grandfather got shrapnel in his legs. After this he was sent to a German hospital to get better and when he had recovered was sent to a German army camp. My Dad would go into a lot more detail than I have and will describe exactly what happened to my grandfather.

    • Ken Fero
    • January 26th, 2012

    Great potential here, the key question is the visuals?

    • Getting visuals has been a struggle but I received an e-mail from my dad today with a few photos and will upload them later on today. Unfortunately, my dad has been too busy with work to send an audio file. I will pester him over this weekend and see if I am able to get an audio file by monday.

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