Understanding hybrid media – Lev Manovich

The article was quite long and a bit hard hitting, especially for me. After reading it I understood more about hybrid media and when and how it all came about.

In the 1990s, as technology changed moving image culture transformed and this transformation made hybrid media become the norm. In the article, Lev Manovich chose to use the example of the music video “Go” by Common. If I have understood this article correctly then my example will be correct. The music video “Thumper” by Enter Shikari
This video successfully combines live action with pencil scribble animation.

In this picture you can see the live action footage with a paper effect and the pencil scribble animation with the same paper effect.

“drawn 2D characters positioned on different layers in a 3D space; a field of animated particles—any composition can be put through the simulated depth-of-field effect.” An example of this could be a Pixar short film called “Day and Night”:
The characters are drawn to be 2D and they reveal a 3D world through themselves.

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