First Draft of my Script

Here is my first draft of my script. It is rather short but hopefully, when my group has our first meeting we will discuss everyone’s script and give each other constructive criticism about how to make it long but adding scenes or by adding dialog. My script doesn’t have a lot of dialog in it and how I see it in my mind you will not be able to hear the dialog, only see it. This maybe a bit risky but I believe with the right soundtrack it will work brilliantly!

INT. LIVING ROOM. Mid afternoon.

In this scene young married couple, Ben and Alexandra, have just finished painting a room which, in six months, would be a nursery for their child. As they go into the living room they are messing around and giggling. They sit on the sofa and cuddle while looking at a sonogram photo, which they received a few days ago, of their unborn child. As they look on there is a knock at the door and this reveals the terrible reality.

Ben and Alex have just finished painting a room which would be a nursery for their unborn child. Their faces and arms are covered in paint as they go into the living room.

Alex enters the living room first and her expression shows us that she is filled with happiness. She is laughing and smiling as she enters.

Ben enters after Alex and, while laughing, he holds onto her waist and tickles her.

Alex tries to run away from Ben but fails


No, stop [giggles]

Alex manages to get away from Ben and half jumps on the sofa and Ben sits on her right.

As Ben sits down he picks up a sonogram photo of their unborn child.

Ben puts his arm around Alex, kisses her on the forehead and smiles.

Ben and Alex continue to sit on the sofa cuddling when there is a loud knock at the door.

Alex is now sitting by herself holding a glass of red wine in her right hand and a photo of her husband in the other hand.

You can see that she hasn’t slept for a few days because of the blackness under her eyes. She puts the wine glass and photo down on the table.

She gets up and wobbles a little. Steadying herself, she moves towards the front door. Before she gets to the living room the person at the front door knocks again, but this time with more urgency.

Alex goes towards the door, she puts her hand on the wall to steady herself.

As she opens the door, she sees the green pattern of an army jacket. She fully opens the door and she already knows what the army officer had come to say.

Army officer

[In between the words “I’m” and “so” should be a small pause] I’m so sorry.

Fade to black

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