A young, married couple, Benjamin and Alexandra, who are both twenty-three, have just finished painting their spare bedroom which, in six months time, was going to be a nursery for their unborn child. It was a bit early to be excited about their unborn child but they were newly married and felt they could conquer the world. They’re both wearing scruffy looking clothes; Ben is wearing torn jeans and an old t-shirt, Alex is wearing one of Ben’s old shirts and black leggings. Their clothes and arms were slightly covered with the paint they had been using. Throughout all the scenes any dialog will not be heard, you should just be able to hear the soundtrack and it should start in a major key and end in a minor key. They walked into the living room, sharing a joke and giggling as they walk in. Ben is walking behind Alex, half tickling her and half holding onto her waist. They both continue to laugh and smile as Alex half jumps on the sofa and Ben sits next to her on her right. As he sits down he picks up a sonogram image and puts his arm around her. As they both look at the picture they smile and Ben kisses Alex on the forehead. While they relax on the sofa there is a strong knocking on the door. At this point there should be a shot of the front door and then back to where the couple are but now the mood of the short film has changed dramatically. Alex now realizes that what was just happening was all just part of her imagination. It was so real and life like to her and the reason for this might have been the alcohol she had consumed and the lack of sleep she’d had over the past few weeks. What she had imagined was what she wants to happen in the future, for Ben and her to have a child. Now that Alex is back to reality she is sitting on the sofa by herself with a glass of red wine in her left hand and a photo of her husband, Ben, in an army uniform in her right. She is wearing one of her husband’s old shirts, as she gulps down the last of her red wine you are able to see how tired she is by the darkness under her eyes. As Alex stands up the person at the door knocks again, this time with more urgency. She wobbles slightly when she puts down her glass and the photo of her husband, steadies herself and walks slowly towards the door. Putting her left hand on the wall helps her walk towards the front door without falling over. She opens the front door slowly. An army officer is standing at the door. At this point the soundtrack should get louder. The officer tells Alex that her husband was killed while on foot patrol in Afghanistan. Alex cannot believe it, you see her reaction and then it should fade to black.

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