Today was the day we had to present our character and their cabinet of curiosities. Group 7 met up at 9am and got down to work, finishing certain pages and Vinuri and Luke concentrated on the presentation on prezie. After doing this we went through the presentation and made sure everyone knew what they were saying where.

The Presentation:

I believe the presentation went really well and the mixture of sound clips we had worked well with the text that we had around it. The bad points about the presentation were that some people had more to say than others, this isn’t necessarily a problem because some people (including myself) aren’t able to speak well in front of people in that sort of environment. The other problem was that the video at the end didn’t work and it was all running smoothly up until then and then because we had to use a USB, which took time, I feel that the presentation lost a bit of momentum. All in all, the presentation was good and the group’s team effort for this project was amazing. I won’t name names, but there was one person who we only saw when we had our first meeting and at the presentation today. This person didn’t contribute & didn’t give us a reason why said person wasn’t/didn’t turn up to meetings (the meetings were clearly shown on the Facebook group we created).

SWOT analysis:

Strengths – The presentation was well organised and put together well. The work book shows everything clearly and everything is marked out and given headings so that it is clear to the person reading it what they are read. I think Dan Biddle reading the letter in French was actually quite moving and it worked well within the presentation. The group was great, worked well together and found a way to make some things work. If someone had an idea that they thought would be good we all talked about it and came to a final decision together.

Weaknesses – The one person that only showed up to two of the meetings kind of through us off a bit because we didn’t know if this person was still attending university of if something had happened. I feel that there could’ve been something more with the cabinet, a different item or a more personal one. The cabinet was a good idea & I’m not saying it isn’t but I am saying that there could’ve been something more.

Opportunities – Going on from the previous comment about having something more in the cabinet, it could’ve been something that his mother had left him when he was still a baby, maybe it could’ve been a picture of his mother holding him and it would’ve been the only picture he would’ve had of her.

Threats – The biggest worry was that the YouTube link for the final video wouldn’t work…..and it didn’t. This slowed down the presentation a bit but well done to Luke and Vinuri that got it up and running again.

  1. December 2nd, 2011

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