We had plot holes with the character and his back story and to help get rid of them we researched quite a few things.

Jacques O’ Brien is French and Irish and for his Mother and Father’s names (especially the Mother’s name) we had to google Irish first names and French first names and surnames. This didn’t take up too much time as we found websites and then picked names that we liked and, for the Father’s name, went well with O’ Brien and, for the Mother’s name, went well with her first name.
We chose: Father – Glen O’ Brien. Mother – Delphine Morel. The reason we decided to make out character French and Irish is because Luke, a member of our group, was Irish and Dan Biddle, another member of our group, could speak French fluently. We thought it would make our character stand out, its not every day you meet an part Irish part French person! We also decided to make our character fluent in French, this was because of two things; 1. Because Dan was fluent and 2. Because several people in the group, including myself, are about to speak another language.

For our moodboard we had to get certain images to describe our character so we searched for the flags of both French and Ireland. 

Jacques was born in Dublin and we had to find a hospital in Dublin, know the name and get a picture of it so it would feel a bit more realistic to us and if we were ever asked about hospitals in Dublin we’d actually be able to answer instead of saying “erm…..I don’t know”. We found a hospital called St James’ Hospital.

We also searched for things that Jacques could be into e.g. football. Because he lived in the Republic of Ireland, we made the national team one of his ‘likes’. We chose football over any other sport because our group member Luke had a football team in his cabinet (Liverpool football team…) so thats why we wanted to incorperate football.

We also searched what religion the majority of the Republic of Ireland are. After a quick search we found out that most of the people in the Republic of Ireland are Christian.

We decided to change plane crash to car crash simply because it was easier to understand and to explain. Car crashes happen every day…plane crashes…not so much. We also made this change because one of our group members, Brett, was in a car crash so having his experience played in our favour. Having a car crash in the story, we decided to get some statisticsIreland Car Acciendents.

  1. December 2nd, 2011

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