The Outline

What is an outline?

  • Elaboration of the pitch
  • Proof on the page that it works and is a complete and original idea
  • Shows the main characters, protagonist, antagonist
  • Clearly writen without confusion or over complication

Basic rules:

  • No longer than a page (for a short, no longer than half a page really)
  • Present tense
  • Keep to the main story and the relationships and conflict
  • Can write about emotion
  • If its difficult to write an outline then maybe something is wrong with your idea

My Outline

The short is set in the living room and hallway of a young newly married couple’s house. The newly married couple, Benjamin and Alexandra (Ben and Alex), walk into the living room while Ben is tickling Alex and holding her waist from behind. They are both giggling as they walk to the sofa and sit down. Ben picks up a picture of an ultra-sound scan which is next to a picture of himself in his army uniform. Ben has his arm around Alex and they both look at the ultra-sound photo and smile, Alex takes the photo off Ben and holds it in her hand as they both watch TV. There is a knock on the door and as Alex gets up from the sofa her surroundings change. Her husband is no longer there and she is now holding a picture of him in his army uniform. She puts the photo down and walks out the living room towards the door. There is no light in the hallway as Alex walks up to the door, she turns on the outside light and opens the door. Standing at the door is an army officer who tells Alex that Ben was killing while on foot patrol in Afghanistan.

Please give feedback. It may sound quite cheesey at the moment but I do have many ideas about camera angles, dialog and music which will make it not cheesey.

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