Cabinet of Curiosities meeting 1 and 2

During the summmer we received a letter from Coventry University about creating our own Cabinet of Curiosities. A Cabinet of Curiosities is a collection of ‘things’ that you as a person are interested in. My cabinet was all about Ukrainian things (and is in a previous post on here). After the 4 week projects we got a brief which was to get into mixed groups and, using elements from everyone’s Cabinet, we have to create a person/character and make them their own Cabinet of Curiosities. Getting into a group was easy, we basically stayed in the same group as we were for the 4 week project ( – a few people and + one person). We decided to stay in the same group because we worked well together, got things done and had a good laugh. After the morning lecture we had some time before our seminar so we all gathered round a computer and showed each other our cabinets. It was interesting to see what others had done and included in their cabinets. During the seminar we didn’t really have any ideas at first but once we’d spoken to Jonathan he gaves us a few ideas to start, one of which was to get things out of our pockets and to see if that sparks any creative idea. We ended up with: train tickets, a guitar pic, an inhaler, driver’s ID and a sweet wrapper. We then tried to think of things in a more creative way e.g. the guitar pic was a shark’s tooth and the train tickets were plan tickets that our character had on him.

This is what we came up with:
Age: mid 20’s
Gender: male
Ethnicity: half Irish and half French (his mother was french)
Name: Jacques O’Brien
Locations: Northen Ireland, Galapagos and maybe South America
Likes: Animals

Our first initial thought was that he would be on a small areoplane going on holiday with his parents to the Galapagos Islands. There would be a plane crash and his mother would die. His father would save Jacques’ life and pull him to the shore and there his father would die from a shark bite. Jacques would retrieve a shark’s tooth from his father’s back. The cabinet would belong to this man called Jacques and would be all about his life and about his time that he spent on the Galapagos islands over a 10 year period.

The following week we then told the seminar group the idea and received feedback. One of the mains points was that the Galapagos Islands are not inhabitable, not by many people, so there wouldn’t really be a reason for them to go there. We took this into account and rethought the idea.

This is what we came up with:
We kept all the previous information; his name is still Jacques etc but he is not in his mid 20’s in this idea, he is around 16/17. Jacques and his parents decide to go on holiday to South Africa to see Jacques Uncle. While on a small plane getting to the remote place where his Uncle lived the plane does down and crashes. Jacques parents die. Jacques moves in with his Uncle, who is the next of kin. After a few months Jacques’ Uncle kicks him out due to his mischievous ways. Jacques turns to a life of crime and traveling.

The feedback we got was that people liked the idea but there was too much going on and we had to pick a solid idea.

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