72 hour challenge

D1’s 72 hour challenge. This was probably the most stressful thing I have ever been through. We got the project on November 8th at 3 pm. Our project was to make a music video to one of Ghostpoet’s songs.

My group met up on Wednesday 9th to work out a narrative to our music video. We decided that it was going to be about a man who doesn’t do anything other than writing songs instead of spending time with his girlfriend and we had chosen the song “Liiines”.

On Thursday, our filming day, I recieved a message from someone in my group telling me that they couldn’t find a man to act in video. We met up and had to come up with a completely new idea….and then the others in the group decided to change the song to ‘Garden Path’. We came up with a girl that had mental health problems and because the song is called Garden Path we thought that there should be elements of nature in the video.

I was the only person in the group that does media production (the other girl left to go to her Add+vantage course) so I had to edit it using Adobe Premire, which I’d never used before so it was just a bit stressful. I started editing at 5pm and finished at 9pm. With little help from my group, because they didn’t know how to use the software (but then again, niether did I), it was stressful.

It was an interesting project but I’m glad its over!

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