Cabinet of Curiosities

In the summer we had a task to create our own Cabinet of Curiosities. For those that don’t know what a Cabinet of Curiosities is it is basically a collection of ‘things’ that interested you and/or defines you. My Cabinet is all about being Ukrainian and different Ukrainian ‘things’ because it is the best way to describe me. Yes, I’m a British citizen & I’ve lived in England all my life but I introduce myself as Ukrainian because I don’t see myself as English…and also, its difficult to introduce yourself as English if you’ve got a name like Myroslava. There are some people that they are a certain nationality but don’t really do anything about it. Me, on the other hand, am quite patriotic and that will soon become apparent when you look at my cabinet. I am part of the Ukrainian Youth Association (CYM) & the Association of Ukrainians in Great Britain (AUBG), I also speak, read and write Ukrainian but it is difficult. What follows is a part of my Cabinet of Curiosities (I hope to carry on expanding it as and when I have time/find something interesting that I’d like to add to my collection). There are lots of pictures (about 90% of them are my own) and a few videos (none of which are mine). I hope you enjoy looking at my cabinet.

The pictures that follow are my own. I’ve taken them over the last three years of various competitions and concerts. They are all dancing photos and the dancers are dressed traditionally for the dance they are performing.


This video is a dance performed by a dancing group from Derby called Hoverla at this years annual Ukrainian Youth Association competition. They are performing the dance called “Kozaks from Kyiv”. There are two groups of boys who are rivals, at the beginning of the dance they are basically showing off their talents to the other group trying to prove that their group is better. By the end of the dance they realise that they are as good as each other and ‘join forces’ for a big finale.

This next photo and video is of another dancing group called Podilya from Manchester. They were on the Sky1 program “Got To Dance” and reached the semi-finals but unfortunately they didn’t get to the finals.

This next set of pictures was taken during the CYM summer camp back in 2010. They pictures show a pagen celebration called Ivanna Kupala (Ivan Kupala – John Baptist) and because we spell is as Ivanna Kupala (Joann) its representing the tradition as feminine. Ivana Kupala is a fertility festival. The girls make wreaths to put on their heads out of small branches and then decorate them as they want, the boys make crosses out of small branches, the girls learn a short dance and everyone learns a song. At the celebration the girls perform their dance and then all the girls throw their wreaths into the water and then the boys throw their crosses into the water, if a boy gets his cross in a girl’s wreath then they are meant to be together. After this couples jump over a small fire while holding hands, if they land together on both feet while still holding hands then they are meant to be, if they stop holding hands then they won’t last and if someone lands on one foot that means they are unsure of the relationship.

The next few pictures are of when I went to Ukraine when I was 14 which was the first time I’ve ever been and I haven’t gone back since.

Ukraine’s history and present day:



Any questions or comments you’d like to make then comment at the bottom of this post. When I have time and find other things then I will be updating my Cabinet.

  1. December 2nd, 2011

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