For the first scene, where the brothers are getting ready for their dates, we had to find a place that was student accommodation but didn’t look like student accommodation because we didn’t want it to look unprofessional and ‘studenty’ and because we wanted the brothers to come out of two rooms which are parallel to each other. This, at first was a little difficult as most of the group live in halls of residence and most halls has small corridors and tiny rooms, which is not the sort of environment we wanted to use because we want it to look like the brothers lived in a house. A person from our group, Vinuri, lives in a student house and she said we’d be able to film there as it was the place that looked the least student like. First location was sorted.

The location for the second scene was a little bit more difficult because we needed certain things to be able to film: isolated place so we don’t disturb other people, turned down music or no music in the bar/restaurant, power sockets for the lighting equipment and for the place to not be too busy so we don’t have too much background noise. We asked a number of places including: Browns, Whetherspoons and The Castle (which was formerly Varsity). Whetherspoons and Browns couldn’t tell us when their quietest time was and couldn’t guarantee they were able to turn off the music. The Castle were more helpful and could tell us when their quietest time was and assured us that they were able to turn off the music upstairs where we wanted to film. It was clear that The Castle was the best location for the second scene: their quietest time was on tuesday from 5pm till 8pm, there was a perfect room upstairs  where we would be able to film without interfering with The Castle’s staff or customers and they would be able to turn the music off upstairs where we were filming so it didn’t give us any unwanted background sounds.

The Castle (formerly Varsity)

The day before filming we had to change the location of the first scene which was going to be in Vinuri’s house but her house mates weren’t going to be in and we were going to use their rooms. Facing a problem, we decided to film in Priory Halls in Brett’s room. We had to change the script a little bit to accomedate for this change of location. Instead of Grant (David) and Joe (Zombie) coming out of rooms that run parallel to each other, we now have to cut straight to the outside part of the scene where the brothers go their separate ways. For continuity purposes, and because we had The Castle booked for 5pm till 8pm, we had to do the second scene first.
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