Filming – October 18th

On October 18th we met in the Ellen Terry builing, found a room that wasn’t in use and did the Zombie’s make up and made sure everyone knew what they were doing. I went through lines with Grant, who played David, and we checked we had all the equipment we needed.

We walked to The Castle and immediately set up the lighting in the room where we were filming. With the lighting set up in a certain way we then shot all the scenes we could with that sort of lighting. This meant we didn’t have to change the position of the lights every five minutes. There were certain bits that we couldn’t film until the end, for example: Joe biting the steak. This was because of continuity reasons, we didn’t want it to look like we hadn’t thought about it. To get around this problem we shot everything we needed to with Grant’s and Joe’s back facing the camera, to get Emma’s reactions, while doing this Joe would have his face near the plate and would be pretending to bite the steak. The camera and Joe were positioned so we didn’t see the steak.

We then changed the lighting and shot Grant’s lines and reactions. It wasn’t a major change to the lighting, just moving the lights slightly so that Grant’s face wasn’t in the shadows. While we had the lights in this position we then filmed Joe eating the steak. It was extremely rare so it was difficult for Joe to bite.

After the difficulty with the steak we filmed Emma leaving the table as with this we had to change the lighting again. After that we filmed Grant and Joe arriving. We packed the lighting and camera away and headed over to Priory Halls to shoot the first scene.

Priory Halls doesn’t have the most attractive interior so I think it was a good thing that we weren’t having Grand and Joe coming out of rooms. We were using one room to shoot both Grant and Joe’s lines. We had to do Grant’s first and then have him walk out of shot. Afterwards we did Joe’s part and Grant had to walk into the shot and do Joe’s shirt button up. This wasn’t too difficult to do, although it was a small room.

The next scene where the two brothers are outside and about to part ways it was writen in the script that there would be an interaction with a neighbour to enphasis the fact that people couldn’t understand the Zombie apart from the Zombie’s brother. This was taken out of the scene as people agreed that it wasn’t really needed although I felt it might have had added a extra comic element.

The filming went relatively well and we managed to finish it all in one night.

The complete edited version of “Nice to MEAT you”:


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