Making a crime/comedy out of Titanic

Titanic: Better later than never?

The biggest ever ship, called Titanic, was created. As its first voyage was set up, it drew not only the attention of the rich and adventurous people, but that of a group of thieves as well. Their boss ordered Jack, a young thief a special mission:

It seemed that Jack was performing the task just according to the plan…

Everything was going so smoothly that Jack decided he could indulge himself in his hobby – playing card games…

Obviously he was so self-confident that he did not even notice how a wonderful opportunity slipped through his fingers…

After noticing his inferior playing card games already a couple of days and not doing anything else, the thief boss started to get nervous…


While the bored lady was lying lonely in her bed with her precious jewels on and Jack was still indulging himself in his hobby, a sudden alarm broke the silence…

But some people were not feeling like paying attention, thinking of their safety, running and so on… What dull things to do…

Eventually, after SOME time, Jack decided that he is ready to take the matters in hand. But by then some obstacles had emerged…

Somehow his admirer was still waiting for him… But as it was already said there were certain obstacles…

Was Jack really not convinced that time matters?


 What were you trying to do, and why? 
In this assignment we had to choose a famouse piece of media (e.g. a film, a book, a news piece etc).
We had to categorise it in terms of genre and change it into a completely different genre. So in our case we
chose the epic romance movie Titanic and tried to change it into a crime comedy.
We singled out Titanic because it is a classic film which is recognised by everyone and we wanted to put a different
twist on it. In order to show an opposite genre in it we decided to do a crime comedy.

How did you go about doing it?
This type of task is quite challenging, as we have  a stereotyped oppinion about all famous movie scripts or books
and which genre they fit in. So it's difficult to imagine the storyline of such a movie as Titanic being in another
genre. However, like any other challenging task it was interesting to work on.

What have you learnt about genre from this exercise?
We learnt that every genre has some specific characteristics and special effects. In order to produce a script on a
particular genre or to change a ready piece you have to use these conventions, as we did in our task. 

Do you think differently about genre now, and in which ways?
Now we do think about it in a different way, as we learnt more about different concepts that certain genres have.
Also, now we can categorise genres in a narrower way. Genre plays a big role in differentiating movies and books. It may
make up people choice of reading or watching a certain piece of work, depending on their preferences. The choice of
genre is also one of the starting points of creating any type of media piece. So,it is a vital part of media production.

What are the links between genre and narrative?
Genre and narrative have an inevitable link between each other. Every narrative can be categorised by the genre, and
every genre cannot be created without a narrative. These two terms complete each other in every way.
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