Trying to find actors was problematic. We needed to find people that were goood actors & that took it seriously – even though we’re not getting marked on this we still want it to look as good as we can get it! Sam had some friends in Nuneaton that were intersted.

There were 13 of them that were interested so Brett, Amy, Sam and I went to Nuneaton on Sunday 16th October to audition them. Out of the 13 that were interested only 3 people turned up, it was pretty disappointing. There was one boy and two girls. The boy was too nice for the angry bits or the David character, he didn’t have the right look for both David and the Zombie. The first girl that auditioned had a strange acsent and didn’t have the right look for the character Sally. She wasn’t taking it seriously either and didn’t listen to the direction from Brett. The second girl was better spoken than the first one but again, wasn’t right for the part and also didn’t take it seriously. It was a disappointing day.

I contacted a friend who lives in London and asked whether he’d be able to come up to coventry and play the part of David. Grant has done GCSE Drama, A-Level Drama, has completely L.A.M.D.A, achieving the highest level, has been in most (if not all) of the school productions and several productions outside school for theatre companies, including Oliver. Wura asked her flat mate Emma to play the part of Sally and we asked Joe from our group to play the part of the Zombie.

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