Narrative for a music piece

A young teenager sadly packs his life away into boxes to leave home for university. Before leaving his mother and father had a talk with him about all the ‘terrible evils’ in the world, like drugs and certain people. After arriving at university, unpacking his things and saying goodbye to his tearful mother, he sits alone in his new home not looking forward to his new found independence. A few weeks pass and he starts to get used to the university life style of lectures and going out. The opportunity to take drugs had not arisen until now when one of his friends asked if he wanted a splif. Taking it from his friend he vaguely remembered the conversation he had with his parents about not taking drugs but he ignored the memory and did it anyway. He liked the experience and thought his parents were over reacting. At first it was just for fun but soon enough he was doing drugs more frequently and then he was onto harder drugs.

By the time he was home for Christmas he was doing heroine regularly and was running low on money. His parents noticed a change in his behaviour but thought that university had just changed his attitude. Over Christmas break the young teenager was running out of money and needed to buy more drugs to feed his habit so he took some of his mother’s jewellery to pawn to get more money. After his mother was oblivious to the fact that her son had stolen from her, her son decided to steal her money from her bank account. It worked a few times but then the young teenager’s mother caught him out as she checked her bank account online. His mother was shocked and tried to confront him about it. This confrontation soon turned into an argument soon turned violent as the young teenager swung for his mother, she fell to the floor and began to cry. The young teenager stood over his mother with rage in his eyes. While he was still yelling at his mother his father got home, walked into the house and heard the shouting and burst into the living room. The father was his wife crying on the floor while his son was standing over her. The father threw his son out the house and decided not to give him anymore money.

The teenagers had enough of adults telling him what to do and how to act so he left university and tried his luck elsewhere. First he tried to stay with friends but soon enough his friends grow tired of him and kick him out, so he moved out of his friend’s house and went to the only place left…the streets. His parents found out that their son had quit university and they realised that things were worse than they first seemed. They decided to go out and look for their son. After looking for him for several days they finally found him sleeping underneath a cardboard box. They forced him to make a decision, either to come with them and get into a rehab program or to stay on the streets. The young teenager went with his parents, who took him back into their home and set him up in a rehab clinic. At the clinic they had the young teenager go ‘cold turnkey’ and this challenged him mentally and physically. After months of fighting the addiction he finally overcame his dependence to drugs. After proving to his parents that he could kick the habit he returned home to his loving family and his old life.


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