Break down of scenes – Treatment

Scene one:

  • Pan of childhood photos and then calendars (one calendar is a typical calendar for males of half-naked woman, the other is a calendar with pictures of meat for the zombie).
  • Split screen of brothers getting ready, zombie just stands there
  • Both walk out of rooms and then out the house
  • Interaction with a neighbour: human brother says hello, zombie grunts
  • Walk different ways

Scene two:

  • Human brother arrives at restaurant, sees the girl and sits with her
  • Drinks arrive and human brother says “how did you know I like coke?”
  • Zombie comes out of bathroom
  • Human brother looks confused
  • Zombie and human brother sit there with the girl
  • Food arrives
  • While zombie devours food (slow-mo), girl looks at the zombie lovingly
  • Human brother sees this and gets very angry while the girl still stares at the zombie
  • Human brother says, “How can you like him? He’s nothing but a monster!!”
  • Everyone stops and gasps, zombie grunts and subtitles say, “I’m just a zombie”.
  • Girl says, “He’s no monster! He’s really sweet and caring”
  • Human brother gets really annoyed and bites someone
  • Girl leaves, tells zombie to call her
  • Zombie gets up, looks at his brother and says, “you’re the monster” and leaves very very slowly.
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