Ker-Pow project

On our first day at Cov uni we were put into teams of around 6 -8 people. Our brief was to think of a super hero, which could have any power, use 12 frames to show the hero & show their power. Our first idea was to think of 4 super heroes, 2 male and 2 female, whose powers have something to do with the elements (earth, air, water & fire). We thought this idea was a bit difficult so we decided to all think of our own super hero & then we’d all have a frame each to introduce our hero.

My hero:

I couldn’t really think of a ‘serious’ super hero so I came up with “Mr Obvious” & his power was pointing out the blatantly obvious all the time. I started to think of what Mr Obvious would look like and I came up with two different things & then chose between the two. The first idea was to have him look like a typical french man:  white & blue stripy t-shirt, navy trousers, garlic around his neck & and a thin mustache. The second idea was to have him look like the typical english gentleman: bowler hat, tweed suit with leather elbow patches, bushy mustache & and pipe. I thought Mr Obvious would be better as a french man because whenever I’ve been over to France the french people always point out the obvious.

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