4 Week project: Lights, camera, action!

Over the first 4 weeks of term 1 we have been given the task of researching, writing, shooting, producing and editing a 3-5minute  film about anything we want. We had a summer task which was to think of what film would we make if we had the opportunity. This task had to incorporate an element from everyone’s idea from the summer task.

Break up of the weeks:

Week 1: Ideas, story, treatment, script

Week 2:  Pre-production

Week 3: Production

Week 4: Presentation


Initial ideas: we thought that we could do a zombie/rom/com (or a zom-rom-com). We were also thinking about making it a Film noir.

2 Brothers: one is a zombie, one isn’t, going after the same girl (but they don’t know that).

Zombie: subtile what the zombie says, always has a vacant stare, sees the girl as food.

Normal brother: can understand the zombie, wants to date the girl, jealous of his zombie brother.


Problems that we faced so far & how we could get around those problems:

  • Zombie makeup – YouTube how2 videos & practice!
  • Restrictions with locations – green screen, ask permission, lighting, change location
  • Film noir, lighting is specific – research lighting techniques.
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